Here you will find the latest news and opportunities to start preparing for your future education. You may want to start looking at the opportunities to prepare yourself as early as 7th grade. There are also many other opportunities that you can earn scholarships and grants for prior to seventh grade. So please familiarize yourself with the various websites that we have listed and also check out the Useful links under each category to find areas that also might interest you.

PDF FAFSA/Scholarship Presentation by: Mr.M. Bayraktar, and Mrs T. Turkay

FAFSA Aid for non citizens 

Local College Aid (coming soon)

NorthWest Suburban College (will give assistance with F1 Visa) (Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship foundation Opens September)

Career one stop (Government based Scholarship research site) 

FAFSA AID (Deadline isIllinoisASAP after October 1, 2016. Awards made until funds are depleted)

Important: Please apply for FAFSA aid even if you’re not a citizen or have applied for asylum Click here to see the details.

Constitutional Academy Arlington, Virginia near Washington DC (Apply for full scholarship Deadline is May 1st)

Constitutional Academy video
Niche (No letter just log in) March 31st Deadline

Fast Web (information on Scholarships time sensitive)

Fast Web High school Calendar 2016-17

Fast Web College Calendar 2016-17

FinAid Scholarships

Fun and Different ways to earn money for college

Kohls bear Crawl Challenge 18+ (has ended)

Creatively Fun/different Scholarships

Ellen Degeneres scholarships  (Active apply and tell your story)

Frito Lay Contest (this is open for everyone but students age 7-13 must have parent register on behalf of them)

Do ( one example: make a recycling bin and take a picture or other campaigns EASY!)





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