The FIRST Robotics Competition (or FRC for short) is an international robotics competition where teams ranging from twenty to one hundred students build game-playing, 120-pound robots in just six weeks to compete in tournaments all across the globe.

Robotics is primarily for freshman students through senior high school. It is an opportunity to work hands on using various machinery, operating drills, miter saws and CAD models. It is an opportunity to learn manufacturing by engaging in hands on engineering skills. But, it is not just for engineering fanatics. There are many other diverse skills required to be successful. You learn how to manage projects, use organization skills, website design and public relations. Depending on your chosen role, you may be responsible for marketing too.

Our students will have an opportunity to work and learn side by side some of the industries best professional engineers and scientists. At tournaments many students are encouraged to network with these mentors and volunteers. The students that you meet are very driven, intelligent, and extremely nice well-rounded individuals, great role models for our students to work with.

Robotics is a very outgoing, fun, and educational opportunities for those that have the drive and motivation to design the best robot. It requires many hours of teamwork and each member also working alone on their own tasks.

FIRST Robotics and various sponsors and Universities offer scholarships to its students, ranging from full ride scholarships to Ivy League schools and many other monetary amounts.

Finally the skills you learn such as, problem-solving and general technical know-how, teamwork, organization, and public speaking are all important skills that any youth needs in their future endeavors. This is a great positive environment to implement them in.

Currently we have a boy’s only team, but we are more than willing to research the possibility of arranging a girl’s team.

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