Mentoring Club

Previously Turquoise Youth Center, currently Keystone Youth Center established in 2006, offers its students an away from home and overnight mentoring experience. Middle school student grades 6-8 will be partnered with same-gender mentors. They will help the student by inviting the students back to their homes once a week. Students in Grade 6th will participate in an hourly program returning to their homes the same day. Students in grades 7and 8 will sleep overnight, therefore allowing the mentors more time to interact with each group of students. Each mentor will choose topics that relate to their student’s maturity level, and help them to overcome difficulties, concerns, and curiosities that they may have as they are maturing.

Our Mentors are:

  • A thoughtful and trusted friend
  • A positive role model
  • A good listener and someone who cares
  • Someone that has experienced the same challenges
  • Someone who has credible knowledge on the topics being discussed.
  • A role model that can motivate youth into achieving higher education academically and spiritually

How Mentors Help Our Youth:

  • Encourage positive decision making, goal setting and focusing students to move in a productive direction
  • Inspire students to achieve good grades and be productive citizens and community members
  • Nurture a young person’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Introduce students to other persons that are achieving similar goals
  • Engage in positive community activities, programs, and events
  • Elevate students spirituality through study, recitation, and conversations

A mentor develops a connection with the young student that will be everlasting. This relationship encourages and helps the student to be successful at home in his/her community and future endeavors.

Mentors work closely with family members and relay the actions and progress that their students have achieved. The activities a mentor and student do may include spending time together, doing positive and fun activities that engage the students in thought and enlightenment. These activities are a way to facilitate self-confidence, direction, and self-worth. Participating in this mentoring experience allows the student an additional member of support. Youth are assured to have a better opportunity of achieving success in healthy development with the support of their mentors, parents, extended family, teachers, coaches, faith leaders, and friends.

Who are Mentors?

Mentors are hand chosen adults that live by example. They choose healthy lifestyles emotionally, spiritually, and educationally. They meet and discuss any challenges they face and work to find the best solution for achieving your child’s goals. They are individuals that are loved and highly respected in the community. Mentors are also achieving their own goals and facilitating their dreams and aspirations.

Research shows that having positive and ongoing support from caring adults other than family members contributes to children’s healthy development and can help them achieve self-confidence.[1]

If you would like to apply to be a mentor, please click here to fill out an application MENTOR APPLICATION

[1] Introduction to Assets by the Search Institute. Online at:

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