Foreign Language


Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world. Students studying the Arabic language are introduced to a world of rich history and culture. With nearly 300 million speakers across the globe, Arabic is the official language of more than 20 different countries and has become the fifth most spoken language in the world. In addition, Arabic speakers are in high demand, a need that is only expected to grow considerably in the next few decades. This demand is reflected in the U.S. State Department’s identification of Arabic as a “critical language.”

Arabic students at the Academy will learn Modern Standard Arabic. Sometimes called the Literary Arabic, this dialect is widely taught in schools, universities and used in work places, government and the media. There are many dialects of Arabic spoken in different countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and some of these dialects are not mutually intelligible, but people from these countries all use the Modern Standard Arabic to communicate with each other.

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During these 2-weeks, students will learn foundational reading, writing, and speaking skills in the Arabic language through four hours of daily classroom instruction followed by co-curricular activities, including conversation tables, research forum, film series, cooking classes, calligraphy, Henna Tattoo, field trips, and more. During the program, participants will meet college students, local Arabic community members. All of these aspects of the program will contribute to their knowledge of Arabic and to be more familiar with the culture of the Arabic word.

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